We Are Protecting the Environment

By responsibly collecting, accepting and recycling used petroleum and related materials we’re protecting the environment.

Advancing Energy Independence / Reducing Risk, Improving the Bottom Line

By delivering quality re-refined oils, re-refined diesel fuels and asphalt flux produced from used oil and other waste products, we’re advancing energy independence. Used oil generators can now turn problem waste streams into valuable products that reduce dependence on foreign oil and advances United States energy independence.

Our experience and expertise saves our customers money and time.

With innovative equipment and processes we reduce risk and deliver value. Call today! (800-367-8894) or contact us.


Recycling & Resources Services Benefits
Petroleum recycling
Used Oil & Fuels
Low level PCB’s
We accept a wide array of oily liquids,which are recycled into products including:
New Lube Stocks and Recycled Fuel Oil (RFO).
Our innovative plant is powered by recycled petroleum.
Used Petroleum products become ASTM Diesel Fuels, Lubricants and Recycled Fuel Oil. Dependence on foreign oil is reduced while promoting sustainability.
Antifreeze RecyclingAntifreeze Recycling New Heavy Duty Antifreeze
Antifreeze Recycling
Kool Green Concentrate & 50/50 Premix
Our Distillation & reverse osmosis process removes pollutants to yield a clear 100% Ethylene Glycol. Our additive package contains all SCA’s for Heavy Duty applications. ORRCO offers an environmentally sound product that meets highest
industry standards.
Waste Water TreatmentWaste water treatment Emulsified Petroleum/Water
Marine & Non-Marine
Soluble Cutting Fluids/Oils
Grease Trap Liquids
With an operating capacity of one million gallons of oily water per month, we remove pollutants from oily water while converting recaptured oils to recycled fuels.  Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. ORRCO offers an environmentally sound water treatment system that removes 99.8% of contaminants then discharges to the City of Portland POTW.
Vac & Truck ServicesVac & Truck Services Oil Water Separators
Machine Tool Cabinets
Our vacuum trucks collect viscous petroleum products for recycling:  Oil Water Separators, Machine Coolant Reservoirs and Oily Sludges. We pressure wash, triple rinse, pump high viscosity bunker fuel, tar and sludge vessels to improve system performance. ORRCO responsibly recycles problem wastes in compliance with all applicable regulations.
Oil Filters & Oily SolidsOil Filters & Oily Solids Petroleum Filters
Oil Spill Clean-up Materials
Oily Rags
Contaminated Soils
We optimize recycling of the oil and metal in used filters.  Our energy recovery process captures any remaining BTU value in filters, oily solids and cleanup materials. ORRCO reduces waste and recovers energy efficiently. Less landfill waste means less potential liability.
Solutions, ProductsSolutions, Products Industrial Diesel Fuel
Re-Refined Oil Products
Recycled Fuel Oil (RFO)
Spill Cleanup Materials
Low/High viscosity Burner Fuels, special blends Burner Fuel, competitive with Natural Gas, Absorbent Pads & Booms for Oil & Antifreeze One point of contact for environmental products. Call us for solutions.
oregon-heat Oregon Heat Oil donation program for energy assistance to low income families. Award winning Community Assistance Program.