Kool Green – New Recycled Antifreeze & Coolant

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We offer new ready to use 100% and 50/50 antifreeze products that meet manufacturers’ performance specifications. Our recycling process removes harmful salts to yield a clear 100% Ethylene Glycol product. This Ethylene Glycol, derived from used, recycled antifreeze, is enhanced with an extended life package. Deionized water is added for our 50/50 blend. Our antifreeze provides all season boil/freeze protection and all metals protection including aluminum. It also contains anti-foaming & buffering agents and a bitterant. We can deliver this outstanding product to most locations.

Available in three grades:

heavy-dutyHeavy Duty Heavy Duty Green is an ethylene glycol (E/G) based fully formulated antifreeze/coolant. It contains the initial charge of supplemental coolant additives (SCA’s) to meet the most demanding industry standards, and is compatible with SCA chemical filters. Can be used in all Heavy Duty vehicle applications. Our Inorganic Acid Technology (IAT) chemical inhibitor package is Borate based to control corrosion of steel, cast iron, aluminum, and the soft yellow metals copper/brass/solder). Antiscalants and dispersants prevent salt scaling on heat exchange surfaces and fouling due to minor oil leakage into the cooling system. Contains bitterant.
extended-lifeExtended Life Heavy Duty Extended Life HOAT is an ethylene glycol (E/G) based antifreeze/coolant. It contains the initial charge of supplemental coolant additives (SCA’s) and is formulated to meet specifications for the “Global Extended Life” category of coolants. It utilizes a hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT) additive system, and is compatible with SCA chemical filters. HOAT formulations are compatible with OAT, HOAT, NOAT and conventional IAT formulations. Can be used in all Heavy Duty vehicle applications. Formulated with Nitrite for Heavy Duty applications, phosphate- free, and does not contain 2-Ethylhexanoic acid (2EH). Contains bitterant. Provides protection in American, Asian, and European vehicles.
 ultra-extendedUltra Extended Life Heavy Duty Ultra Extended Life is an ethylene glycol (E/G) based antifreeze coolant for heavy duty diesel, gasoline, and natural gas powered engines. The Organic Acid Technology (OAT) corrosion inhibitor package provides maximum corrosion protection, maximum heat transfer, and is free of nitrites, amines, phoshates (NAP), borates and silicates. Contains no 2-Ethylhexanoic acid (2EH). Possessing the high thermal oxidative stability required for engines equipped with cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). Results are less downtime and lower operating costs.Suitable for light and heavy duty applications without supplemental coolant additives (SCA’s) making it ideal for mixed use fleets. Liner pitting has been tested using the John Deere Cavitation Test. Compatible with similar type (E/G) based coolants, standard heavy duty SCA’s, and coolant filters. 600,000 miles/ 12,000 hours/6 years with no extender needed. Contains bitterant.

Environmental Products

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We offer a variety of oil absorbents, pads, booms and clean up materials to reduce the impact from commercial and industrial operations. Call for pricing!  (800-367-8894)

fibre-sorbAbsorbent Fibre-Sorb is the best alternative absorbent on the market. It is three times more absorbent and only 1/3 the weight of its clay counterparts. The superior wicking action draws moisture into the fibers and retains that moisture making for easy clean up. Fibre-Sorb is a 100% natural product manufactured from recycled cellulose fiber. Available in 25lb bags. padsAbsorbent Pads High performance oil absorbent, dimpled, bonded pads are appropriate for use in traffic areas and low lint applications. Repels water based fluids and absorbs oil based fluids. Suitable for industrial and environmental applications for quick absorption of oil.Available in 17”x19”,  200ct light weight and 100ct medium weight packages.
boomAbsorbent Booms Oil absorbent booms are a strong mesh outer sleeve encasing a poly sock skin filled with highly absorbant polypropylene. Filter won’t shed and booms will not sink when saturated with oil. Booms can be linked together.Available in 3”x4’ 10pk and 5”x10’ 4pks. basinCatch Basin Insert Catch Basin insert removes sediment, debris and oil. Flow capacity 500gpm. Material is a black non woven geotextile fabric. Adjustable for drains ranging from 16”x20” to 24”x36”.
biosolveBioSolve Biosolve’s aqueous encapsulation of hydrocarbons provides three key benefits for remediation.

  1. Reduced volatility by making fuel spills non-flammable, suppressing VOC emissions at remediation sites, reducing LELs during tank cleaning and controls organic odors at excavation sites/water treatment plants.
  2. Increases solubility by enabling extraction of hydrocarbons from the soil, removing spills from roadways with no slick spots, efficiently removing oil and grease from hard surfaces, controlling paraffin build-up in oil wells.
  3. Improved bioavailability by accelerating natural biodegradation processes.

Available in 5gal buckets or 55gal barrels.