About Us

Our technologies make us sustainable, our people make us thrive

Solving problems – Sustainable products from recycling

Bill Briggs, founder and President of Oil Re-Refining Company established this Oregon-based company over 30 years ago. A family-owned company with internationally recognized petroleum recycling expertise, Oil Re-Refining Company is leading our industry with new technology and award-winning environmental processes. ORRCO are dedicated professionals serving thousands of locations.

Locally Owned & Operated Since 1978

Oil Re-Refining Company has operations in Portland, Eugene, Medford, Klamath Falls, Anacortes, Kennewick and Spokane.  Questions about what is best: Buying Local or National?

Site Remediation and Wetlands Restoration Project

Oil Re-Refining Company remediated their contaminated panhandle fill materials (i.e., foundry sands), and contaminated wetland sediment to prevent adverse impacts to ecological receptors that inhabit the wetland. Wetland brochure

Expertise for Energy Independence Offered Nationwide

Oil Re-Refining Company products, services and expertise are available nationwide through our national network alliance of collectors. We are a member of the National Oil Recyclers Association.

Our Seven Facilities & Responsive Fleet Serves Four States

ORRCO’s expertise was developed through decades of expertise serving the following industries: Environmental Consultants, Environmental Contractors, Asphalt, Automotive, Aviation, Construction, Food Service, Government, Institutional, Lube Service, Manufacturing, Marine (Ports), Metals, Petroleums, Railroads, Solid Waste/Recycling, Trucking, Public Utilities and many more.

Oregon Heat’s Used Oil Recycling Program

Oil Re-Refining Company is a proud partner with Oregon Heat. Their donation program recycles your used oil through us and provides low-income families with assistance to keep heat and lights on.

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